Executive Board

Executive Board Officer and Email Address.  Feel free to email any one of the officers listed below for additional information about lodge 83.



Immediate Past President  pastpres@kyfop83.org
Lodge President   Brother Michael Harris president@kyfop83.org
 1st Vice President  Brother Steven Parker  1VP@kyfop83.org
 2nd Vice President  Brother Edmondo Abbondate  2VP@kyfop83.org
 Secretary  Brother Eric Legear  secretary@kyfop83.org
 Treasurer  Sister Emily Brian treasurer@kyfop83.org
 State Trustee  Sister Nancy Quinette  statetrustee@kyfop83.org
 Sergeant at Arms  Brother Lennie Motley  sgtarms@kyfop83.org
 6 Year Trustee  Sister Ann Schultz  6yrtrustee@kyfop83.org
 4 Year Trustee  Brother James Summers  4yrtrustee@kyfop83.org
 2 Year Trustee  Brother James Knowlton  2yrtrustee@kyfop83.org
 Chaplain  Brother Roy Compston