Executive Board

Executive Board Officer and Email Address.  Feel free to email any one of the officers listed below for additional information about lodge 83.



Immediate Past President 
Lodge President  Brother Michael Harris president@kyfop83.org
 1st Vice President Brother Steven Parker  1VP@kyfop83.org
 2nd Vice President  Brother Roy Compston  2VP@kyfop83.org
 Secretary  Brother Eric Legear  secretary@kyfop83.org
 Treasurer  Sister Nancy Quinette  treasurer@kyfop83.org
 State Trustee  Brother Clifford Frederick  statetrustee@kyfop83.org
 Sergeant at Arms  Brother Phillip Mondelli  sgtarms@kyfop83.org
 6 Year Trustee  Brother James Knowlton  6yrtrustee@kyfop83.org
 4 Year Trustee  Brother Edmondo Abbondante  4yrtrustee@kyfop83.org
 2 Year Trustee  Brother James Summers  2yrtrustee@kyfop83.org
 Chaplain  Brother Frank Firestine